Audition Time !!

HPC will be presenting a Samuel Beckett’s Endgame in the Barn at 2 Barn Owls.
October 14-18th for 5 performances.

Auditions will be held at Wyman Church (513 Rue Main, Hudson, QC J0P 1H0) on August 17 at 7pm and August 20 at 6h30pm.


Hamm – unable to stand and blind. Male and middle-aged.
Clov – Hamm’s servant; unable to sit. Taken in by Hamm as a child. Male and younger than Hamm.
Nagg – Hamm’s father; has no legs and lives in a dustbin. Male.  Older than Hamm.
Nell – Hamm’s mother; has no legs and lives in a dustbin next to Nagg. Female and of Nagg’s general age.

Audition Sides

(Note: Nell does not have individual sides)

Nagg Sides

Nagg and Nell Sides

Hamm Side

Clov Side

Hamm and Clov Side

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