The Scholarship

The Karen Williamson Memorial Scholarship is presented to a High School graduate who intends to pursue post-secondary studies in Theatre Arts.

The most important criteria of selection are as follows:
The candidate must have completed high school and have been accepted into a post-secondary program in the Theatre Arts.


If more than one candidate fulfills the first criteria, secondary criteria will also be assessed in order of priority.

1) Is the candidate, or the candidate’s family, a member of Hudson Players Club?
2) Has the candidate been active in Hudson Players Club’s activities?
3) Has the candidate been active in other theatre activities in their school or community?

Scholarship Application Form

    About Karen Williamson

    This scholarship was named after Karen who was a leading member of the Hudson Players Club from 1967 to 2007 and spent many hours voluntarily providing guidance and expertise in all aspects of theatre production. Among her talents was that of introducing newcomers to the thrill of the theatre.

    The Scholarship recognizes her dedication by helping successful candidates to develop their talents into a successful

    Karen was a valued member of the Hudson Players Club and her community.  We carry on her love for theatre and community with this scholarship in her name.