For The Love of Shakespeare!

For the Love of Shakespeare

Scenes, Sonnets and Speeches on Love from the works of the Bard

This year Hudson Players Club will be presenting, back by popular demand, a play written and directed by our club’s own Christopher Gobeil about a troupe of 19thcentury itinerant Shakespearean actors and their ruminations on the place of love in the works of the Bard.

 It’s a beautiful evening in Hudson in the 1890’s as Ye Olde Hudson Players return from a long and arduous road trip. Footsore and weary, they arrive to be greeted by an assembly of townsfolk, out looking for excitement on this summer evening. 

As the players make themselves at home and practice a scene from Romeo and Juliet, a debate begins among them about the place of love in the works of the Bard of Avon: William Shakespeare. One thing leads to another and a wager is made – whomever can use the works of Shakespeare to best illustrate one of the seven loves described by the ancient Greeks will win applause, and a flagon of wine! 

The game is on, and the talent of the players is on display as they each recite scenes, speeches, and sonnets in the quest for the prize. In the end it is the audience that chooses the winner, in this clever portrayal of the love actors bear for their craft, and the genius that was William Shakespeare. 

There will be performances running from July 11thto 21st, Thursday to Sunday at 7pm.

Join us in the Beautiful Jack Layton Park for the Love of Shakespeare.


Cast of Characters


Player Princess: McKenna Hayden

Player Prince : James Berryman

Player King : Simon Cote

Player Queen : Christine Sheppard

Player Duke : Steve Walters

Player Duchess : Sandy Ferguson

Player Fool: Bill Fletcher

Player : JF Samson

Player: Jonah Buksbaum

Player : Joe Dineen

Player : Olivia Richardson

Player : Anjali Ramcharan

Player : Eva Morel

Player : Olivia Pontecorvo

Player: Deborah McCafferty

Player : Joe Tyas

Player ; Megan Fisher

Player : Mady Samson


Musician : Tim Walsh

Musician : Monica Gunther

Production Team


Writer & Director : Christopher Gobeil

Production Manager : Glen Robinson

Stage Manager : Heather Bentley

Assistant Stage Manager : Lisa Crowhurst Fisher

Choreographer : Donna Stewart

Costumes : Karen Pearce

Music Composition: Roy Vuorela

Singing Coach : Kim Boyle

Publicity : John Sheridan

Photographer : Val Provost

Executive Producer: Elizabeth Harwood

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