Shakespeare’s tragic tale of unbridled ambition, the extremes to which people may be driven by fear and the dire consequences of their actions, brought to you in the fittingly craggy amphitheatre in beautiful Jack Layton park, Hudson.

Directing for the club for the first time, Aaron George leads a dedicated cast of both veterans and newcomers in this not to be missed production, the club’s first since summer 2019.

As usual there are no tickets, and no admission fees, we request a donation (suggested $10) from our audience members to help us continue to stage these shows.

Simply bring your folding chair or a picnic blanket, something to eat or drink, some bug spray (!) and make yourselves comfortable.

Kindly note that public health guidelines will apply.

All shows start at 7pm, the show dates are:

Friday 30th July  ~  Saturday 31st July  ~  Sunday 1st August

Friday 6th August ~  Saturday 7th August  ~  Sunday 8th August

We look forward to welcoming you there!

Cast & Crew

Player ~ Parts

Simon Cote ~ Macbeth

Mary Vuorela ~ Lady Macbeth

James Milvane ~ Banquo

Nick Fontaine ~ Macduff, Apparition 1

Bill Fletcher ~ Duncan, Seyward

Tristen Clahane ~ Malcolm, Apparition 2

David Fisher ~ Ross

Matthew Crandall ~ Lennox, Macdonwald (Intro Battle)

Susan Corbett ~ Lady Macduff

Fiona Chandler ~ Witch 2, Seyton, Messenger , Lord

Jennifer Wade ~ Witch 3, Old Man , Doctor , Murderer

Christine Sheppard ~ Witch 4, Servant , Lord, Murderer, Doctor , Messenger

McKenna Hayden ~ Witch 5, Servant, Doctor , Murderer, Lord, Donalbain

Cate Johnson ~ Witch 6, Lord, Young Seyward, Angus

Jackson George ~ Fleance, MacDuff’s Son, Apparition 3

Board members / Guest stars ~ Porter



Aaron George ~ Director

Shelley Walters ~ Stage Manager

Marc Roy, Andrew Richardson, Phil Gausden ~ Set, Lighting, Sound

Karen Delorme, Diana Gausden ~ Front of house management

Costumes supplied by Karen Pearce