Hudson Player’s Club continues a time-honoured tradition at Greenwood with a dramatic reading of Pygmaléon, a cleverly adapted version of George Bernard Shaw’s play (also known as My Fair Lady), transported from early 1900s Covent Garden in London, to the swinging 1960s in Montreal, just as Expo 67 is about to open.

Join us in an intimate garden setting as a delightful troop of gifted actors stage this brilliant adaptation; complete with costumes and props. What better backdrop than the gorgeous Greenwood gardens and tranquil Ottawa River to set the stage. The Hudson Players’ Club are delighted to continue Theatre on the Lawn as a fundraiser for Greenwood.

Tickets are $10.00 each and can be purchased here, Or at Que de Bonnes Choses (484-B Main, Hudson). We ask that in-person tickets be purchased with cash and only during opening hours, no reservations please.



Olivia Richardson – CLARA 

Susan Corbett – MRS. EYNSFORD HILL 

Karen DeLorme – A BYSTANDER 

Nathaniel Labrie – FREDDY

Ash Samson – ELISE

Stephen Walters – PICKERING

David Fisher – HIGGINS 


Sandy Fergruson – MRS. PEARCE

Jean Frederic Samson – ALFRED FERRIEN

Chris Gobeil – DIRECTOR & AUTHOR

Shelley Walters – STAGE MANAGER


Steve Walters – PRODUCER

Dave Fisher plays Higgins

Celebrating his 46th year in (and out) of theatre, David is a veteran stage performer, well-known to Hudson Players audiences. He was seen most recently as Poppa Bear in this year’s Panto, Little Red Riding Hood Strikes Back, and Much Ado About Nothing.

Ash Samson plays Elise

It’s with utmost pleasure that Ash takes on the role of Elise in Pygmaleon. Theatre has been part of Ash’s life for many years, having made their debut in HVTs Holiday Panto production of Wizard of Oz back in 2016. Since then they have performed in several productions, including HPC’s The Tempest and For the Love of Shakespeare, RWA’s Bards production of Twelfth Night, Much Ado About Nothing, and many other Pantos such as Treasure Island (2019) and Little Red Ridding Hood Strikes Back among many others.

J F Samson plays Alfred Ferrien

Having had the chance to be in such HPC’s productions like Balconville, One Flew Over the Coo Coo’s Nest, For the Love of Shakespeare and The Tempest as well as in HVT Panto productions such as Camelot, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Treasure Island and the most recent, Little Red Ridding Hood Strikes Back, Much Ado About Nothing, Jean-Frédéric embraces the challenge of this new opportunity that is taking on the role of Alfred in Pygmaléon.

Nathaniel Labrie plays Freddy

Nathaniel Labrie recently graduated at the top of his theatre class in High School, earning multiple awards of recognition and has been accepted into John Abbott College, theatre arts program.
He is excited to join the cast for “ Much Ado About Nothing “ in his first ever outdoor theatre in the park presentation with the Hudson Players Club.  His most recent credits include playing the lead role of Wadsworth the Butler in the play “Clue” at WWSHS, Danny Zuko in the play “Grease” at Theatre Works, “The little drummer boy” at HCBC and Watchman #2 in Much Ado About Nothing.
When Nathaniel is not acting, you can find him singing or entertaining friends and family with his comedy and written skits using different accents.

Mark Drake

Mark Drake is the Narrator

Olivia Richardson plays Clara

Olivia Richardson has been a part of the Hudson Players Club since 2013 and was been involved in the Hudson Player’s Club Shakespeare By The Lake productions of Romeo and Juliet (2017) and For the Love of Shakespeare (2019). She joined the Hudson Players Club Board in 2021 as Youth Liaison.

Susan Corbett

Susan Corbett - Mrs. Eynsford Hill

Karen DeLorme plays a Bystander

Sean Murphy

Sean Murphy plays a Sarcastic Bystander

Sandy Ferguson

Sandy Ferguson plays Mrs. Pearce

Stephen Walters plays Pickering

Steve has appeared in numerous productions and has now added many films to his portfolio and is a full ACTRA member.