Nick’s involvement in the dramatic arts dates back to the somewhat tender age of 11, where he first walked onto the planks in a community theatre production within his hometown of Laval. Twenty-four years later, he makes an appearance in such a show again – though it isn’t to say that nothing has happened in between. Getting kicked out of his mother’s place, dropping out of and returning to high school, as well going on to college and university are all life events that he is familiar with, and constitute a baggage that he has brought to his acting. A recent graduate of John-Abbott College’s professional theatre program, Nick has had the opportunity to further his handle on the craft, all the while partaking in the fun of learning through theatre’s soul-vivifying potential. His proudest achievement during his years as a student? Playing the principal Narrator, Arthur A. Robertson, in Miller’s depression-era play The American Clock. More recent credits include Get Off My Chest (Sipo-Matador Theatre), Slaying In Suburbia (Project Aliencat) and A Number (McGill Drama Festival 2018). Otherwise, Nick is thrilled to be part of the staged adaptation of one of America’s most infamous novels, and hopes you’ll have just as much fun watching the play as he will playing his character!