Much Ado About Nothing

directed by Simon Cote

Jack Layton Park, Thursdays to Sundays, 7pm

JULY 20 THRU JULY 30 2023

Coming up this summer we will invite you to take in the beautiful setting of Jack Layton Park to see another in our summer productions of Shakespeare by the Lake. This year you will be delighted to know we have selected Much Ado About Nothing, directed by Simon Cote. The cast has been chosen and rehearsals are underway.

Shows are Thursdays to Sundays, July 20th to 30th, at 7pm. Entrance is by donation – suggested $10 to $20, thank you. BRING A CHAIR

Dave Fisher


Celebrating his 46th year in (and out) of theatre, David is a veteran stage performer, well-known to Hudson Players audiences. He was seen most recently as Poppa Bear in this year’s Panto, Little Red Riding Hood Strikes Back. David is delighted to wallow in villainy once again, as he feels that playing nice characters too often is terrible for his reputation. What is the point in being aged and gray if you cannot be crotchety too.

Fiona Chandler


This is Fiona’s third appearance with Shakespeare-by-the-lake, not having been scared off yet by the bugs and the poison ivy. She has also performed at Hudson Village Theatre and several years with Lakeshore Light Opera in principal roles and in the chorus. Whether performing with an 18-piece orchestra or with the serenade of the lake lapping the shore, it is always the enthusiasm and response of the wonderful audience that is the most exciting!

Ash Samson


It’s with utmost pleasure that Ash takes on the role of Hero in this years HPC production of Much Ado About Nothing. Theatre has been part of Ash’s life for many years, having made their debut in HVTs Holiday Panto production of Wizard of Oz back in 2016. Since then they have perfomed in several productions, including HPC’s The Tempest and For the Love of Shakespeare, RWA’s Bards production of Twelfth Night and many other Pantos such as Treasure Island (2019) and Little Red Ridding Hood Strikes Back among many others.

J F Samson


Having had the chance to be in such HPC’s productions like Balconville, One Flew Over the Coo Coo’s Nest, For the Love of Shakespeare and The Tempest as well as in HVT Panto productions such as Camelot, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Treasure Island and the most recent, Little Red Ridding Hood Strikes Back, Jean-Frédéric embraces the challange of this new opportunity that is taking on the role of Friar Francis in this year’s production of Much Ado About Nothing!

Sage Clahane


With this being Sage’s third time taking part in a Hudson Player’s Club production, they are very excited for opening night, but they can’t say the same for all the bugs and poison ivy. With them being a member of John Abbott College’s Professional Theatre Acting Program, they are excited to put what they have learned to use. They have previously appeared as Prince Malcolm in “Macbeth” and Abraham Slender in “The Merry Wives of Windsor”. This production is guaranteed to be a great one and Sage is so grateful towards the club for this oppurtunity once again.

Chris Sheppard


Chris(tine) Sheppard has been involved in theatre ever since she was 12 as she watched, and then joined, her parents with Beckett Players on the West Island.  After a hiatus, she returned to the theatre, at her daughters urging, in Hudson Village Theatre’s annual Panto. She was also in Hudson Players Club’s productions of Jitter’s, The Great Gatsby, and Balconville. Most recently, Chris performed in three Shakespeare productions, For the Love of Shakespeare, MacBeth and Merry Wives of Windsor. When not performing, Chris is a full time educator. She is very grateful to the entire cast and crew, and especially her daughter, McKenna, for sharing in this experience with her first love, theatre.

Susan Cote


A longtime graduate of Dawson’s Dome Theatre I have rediscovered my love of the stage at the Hudson Theatre. Never shy to a challenge you will find me in the role of Leonato, Hero’s father and Beatrice’s uncle in the Hudson Players’ production of Much Ado About Nothing. This past winter you may have seen me as Mash Wolf, Gretel and Darla the UPPS delivery person in the Hudson Village Theatre Panto ‘Red Riding Hood Strikes Back’. Last summer’s Hudson Players’ production of The Merry Wives of Windsor introduced me to Bardolph, the ever quirky drunk, thief and jokester where I staggered through as many high jinks as could be mustered. Theatre and music help keep my heart’s flame lit. We’ll see where the cinders fly next.

Scarlett Snow


Hi I’m Scarlett, and I was Betsy in Little Red Riding Hood Strikes Back and I did a few small productions in elementary school. I’m mainly a musician that writes and plays rock music but I do quite enjoy theatre. I will be playing Messenger and Watchman #1 in this production and I’m super excited to be doing this with this talented Cast and Crew!!!

Taras Stasiuk


Taras’ lifelong passions for theatre and Shakespeare were born at Beaconsfield High School, under the loving scowl of the legendary John Whitman. From there he plunged headfirst into community theatre, primarily with IONA, but also in productions with Lakeshore Players and Lakeshore Light Opera. He was last seen at Jack Layton Park performing a post-flood benefit reading of The Tempest. His career includes writing for and directing voice actors for video games. It turns out that entertaining people is often very hard – but it still beats working for a living!

Konstantine Malakos


Konstantine is delighted to be returning this year after having such a great experience with The Merry Wives of Windsor last year. A graduate of the Atlantic Theatre Company conservatory Konstantine’s selected stage credits include, Fenton in last year’s Merry Wives of Windsor(HPC), Collins in Pride and Prejudice(Showplace, Peterborough)and Henry in Here Lies Henry (Arthur Seelen Theatre, NYC). Konstantine is also currently working on his first screenwriting project.

Jennifer Wade


Jennifer is happy once again to be performing with Hudson Players Club. A long ago graduate of John Abbott’s Professional Theatre program, Jen’s passion for working with Shakespeare’s texts and characters remains a highlight in her life. You may remember Jen from her performance last summer as the French accented, sword wielding Doctor Caius in The Merry Wives of Windsor and the summer before as a Witch in Macbeth. Enjoy the show in this fun & magnificent waterside setting.

McKenna Hayden


McKenna Hayden was on stage at 9 and has performed in many Pantos until the age of 19, when she had the honour of playing Jenny in Treasure Island. She has also been involved with several Hudson Players Club’s Shakespeare productions. Most recently, she played Cecily Cardew in The Importance of Being Earnest last summer. When not performing, McKenna spent the previous two years working towards a Bachelor’s degree in Life Sciences and will continue her education next fall in Veterinary Medicine in Edinburgh, Scotland. She is excited and grateful to be a part of the production of Much Ado About Nothing.

Tamara Lavoie


Tamara is stoked to be doing Shakespeare again, having had a blast as Anne Page in last year’s production of Merry Wives of Windsor and as Marina/Lychorida in the staged reading of Pericles: Prince of Tyre (Hudson Player’s Club). Other recent theatre adventures include Little Red Riding Hood in Little Red Riding Hood Strikes Back (Hudson Village Theatre), Candy Starr in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (Hudson Player’s Club), and Penelope Ann in Bye Bye Birdie (WISTA). As an English Literature graduate, she’s thrilled to have a chance to geek out over the Bard’s work again, and hopes you enjoy this wonderfully silly show!

Bill Fletcher


Bill has been involved with community theatre in Montreal for many years as an actor, set builder and Technical Director. This is his sixth appearance in productions of Shakespeare by the Lake – you may have seen him last year as one of the merry husbands in ‘ The Merry Wives of Windsor’.

Nathaniel Labrie


Nathaniel Labrie recently graduated at the top of his theatre class in High School, earning multiple awards of recognition and has been accepted into John Abbott College, theatre arts program.
He is excited to join the cast for “ Much Ado About Nothing “ in his first ever outdoor theatre in the park presentation with the Hudson Players Club.  His most recent credits include playing the lead role of Wadsworth the Butler in the play “Clue” at WWSHS, Danny Zuko in the play “Grease” at Theatre Works and “The little drummer boy” at HCBC.
When Nathaniel is not acting, you can find him singing or entertaining friends and family with his comedy and written skits using different accents.


Bill Fletcher Don Pedro
Dave Fisher Don Juan
J.F Samson Friar
Ash Samson Hero
Sage Clahane Claudio
Scarlett Snow Watchman #1 and Messenger
Christine Shepperd Antonio
Tamara Lavoie Margaret
Fiona Chandler Beatrice
Taras Stasiuk Benedick
Susan Cote Leonato
McKenna Hayden Conrade
Jennifer Wade Ursula
Konstantine Malakos Borrachio
Nathaniel Labrie Watchman #2
Simon Cote Director
Shelley Walters Stage Manager
J F Samson A. S. M
John Sheridan Producer
James Berryman T.D
Karen Pearce Costume Designer