Letting go of the magic of childhood…everything around you says, “Grow up!” It is time to exercise that noble capacity to act on your own, and take on those responsibilities, make those choices. Choices come with consequences, and consequences bring even more responsibility… What about life in a world where time doesn’t go by the clock, where crazy Queens make the rules and we al just follow along, where nonsense is no laughing matter and consequences are as scarce as hare on an egg!

Well… someone has found the way to such a place. It’s a place that is bewitching, beautiful, becoming, befuddled, beguiling. It is your Wonderland.

Wonderlanders… they’re tall, small, colourful, plain. They’re puppets, and shadows, and even humans! They will all welcome you with open arms into their peculiar little worlds. Don’t worry… you’re not alone. There is a young girl just one step ahead of you, and if time allows, a waist-coated White rabbit too. Come enjoy an adventure and enchanting mixture of adult responsibilities and children’s magic.

The Hudson Players Club celebrates its momentous achievement as the oldest continually operating theatre company in Quebec with their 65th Season.

William Glennon’s adaptation of ALICE IN WONDERLAND explores her adventures down the rabbit hole and pushes them beyond the limits of the imagination.